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Cost-Effectiveness in Seawater Pretreatment

Current Situation
Seawater is the largest water souce on earth however high salinity, organics, and solids make it difficult and expensive to treat for municipal and industrial use. In the past, water scare communities relied on distillation to create pure water from ocean sources; however this process is very costly and therefore only used when absolutely necessary. The development of Reverse Osmosis for desalination provided a lower cost alternative but existing upstream filtration proved to be difficult to maintain and provided the downstream RO with varying water qualities that would limit efficiency and operational life of the RO membranes.

The highest proportion of failed RO membranes in a seawater application is caused by either biological fouling or overdosing of oxidants that degrade the membranes. Existing conventional filtration technology that had been applied upstream of RO failed to reduce organics and solids to a level that is optimal for RO efficiency resulting in higher chemical and energy consumption and shorter RO membrane life.

Scinorí»s TIPS PVDF Ultrafiltration membranes are the optimal choice for Reverse Osmosis pretreatment. 0.1 micron filtration reduces Silt Density Index to under 3 and tubidities to less than 0.1 ntu no matter what the water source. This results in longer RO membrane elements life, less frequent cleanings, and lower operating costs.

Scinor offers the following products for seawater pretreatment

+ Ultrafiltration Product
- -Scinor®Pressurized Ultrafiltration Series
--Scinor®Submerged Ultrafiltration Series
--Retrofit™ Replacement Series

+ EasyIns®Modularized Equipment
- -Pressurized Ultrafiltration
--Submerged Ultrafiltration

Scinor membrane Co. ltd has the experience and engineering capabilities to design and apply our membranes and other treatment processes for any potable water application. Please contact us for additional information.

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