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Reliablity and Productivity through Scinor TIPS Membranes

Current Situation
Throughout the world, many strict laws and regulations have been issued to limit wastewater effluent discharge in order to protect enviroment. In the semiconductor, electronics, powerplant, and heavy industrial industries Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration processes are being applied more and more to reuse wastewater in industrial processes.

With wastewater quality worsening day by day, conventional pretreatment (sand or multimedia filtration) is not enough to proctect RO & NF elements efficiently, caused fouling and scaling and frequent chemical cleanings. In an effort to remedy this, other measures are carried out causing short-operating life of RO and NF membranes and increasing treatment costs.

Scinor offers several UF membrane products to act as pretreatment to Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltrations systems. These products guarantee water free of solids and pathogens with low turbidities (<0.1 ntu) and Silt Density Indices (<3) making it an optimal pretreatment step for efficient overall performance.

Scinor offers the following products for desalination and recycling

+ Ultrafiltration Product
- Scinor® Pressurized Ultrafiltration Series
- Scinor® Submerged Ultrafiltration Series
- Retrofit™ Replacement Series

+ EasyIns®Modularized Equipment
- -Pressurized Ultrafiltration
--Submerged Ultrafiltration

Scinor membrane Co. ltd has the experience and engineering capabilities to design and apply our membranes and other treatment processes for any potable water application. Please contact us for additional information.

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