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Lower Energy consumption in waterwater

Current situation
Population and industrial growth combined with lack of proper wastewater treatment policies are gradually destroying our precious water resources.

As governments become more aware of this concern, they are calling for increased regulation on wastewater effluents that are dischared into our water resources and additional reuse of the wastewater streams. While these regulations could reduce water scarcity there is still remains the challenge of cost of the required technology to treat for discharge or reuse the wastewater.

Scinor provides two solutions to meet the increasing regulations and the costs associated with meeting them. For highly polluted wastewater, Scinor°Įs MBR impoves treatment efficiency through a combination of conventional biological treatment and our TIPS membrane filtration. This process improves effluent quality while minimizing capital, installation, and operating costs.

For less polluted waterwaters, Scinor Submerged Ultrafiltration provides the filtration required to remove solids and water pathogens producing wastewater that is idea for discharge or to feed Reverse Osmosis equipment for reuse. Depending on the quality of the wastewater source, this TIPS membrane product can be applied with or without upstream biological treatment.

Scinor offers the following productsn for potable water treatment

+ Ultrafiltration Product
--Scinor®MBR- BR Series
--Scinor® Submerged Ultrafiltration Series

Scinor membrane Co. ltd has the experience and engineering capabilities to design and apply our membranes and other treatment processes for any potable water application. Please contact us for additional information.

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