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Scinor TIPS Membranes Guard for Cleaner and Safer Water

Current Situation
With industrial development and excessive exploitation of our resources - air, soil and water contamination is on the rise and has become a worlwide issue. Water being the key element for life is at a crisis level especially in developing countries where there are currently no regulations in place to protect the people and water sources are continuously polluted.

Globally, governments are becoming more aware of the growing water crisis and in order to protect their citizens have instituted new regulations to increase drinking water quality. These regulations call for more advanced technology than conventional treatment.

Scinor provides a solution to this growing concern by applying ultrafiltration membranes to any water source. These membranes remove solids and all traces of pathogens providing cleaner and safer drinking water. Furthermore, Scinor¡¯s patented TIPS process ensures that the membranes have a long life and low cost to the customer.

Scinor offers the following products for potable water treatment


+ Ultrafiltration Product
- -Scinor® Pressurized Ultrafiltration Series
--Scinor® Submerged Ultrafiltration Series
--Retrofit™ Replacement Series

+ EasyIns® Modularized Equipment
--Modularized Pressurized UF Equipment
--Submerged UF Equipment

Scinor membrane Co. ltd has the experience and engineering capabilities to design and apply our membranes and other treatment processes for any potable water application. Please contact us for additional information.

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