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Integrated MBR Equipment

The integrated MBR equipment is a new member put on Scinor’s MBR lineup. The new generation model has proprietary intellectual property rights and represents a perfect combination of TIPS (thermally induced phase separation) process and unique biochemical reaction. The main features include smaller footprint, simplified process, one-step installation, quick startup, easy maintenance, stable performance and fully automated operation.

Water filtered can be used for landscaping irrigation, washing and flushing, and feed for nanofiltration or reverse osmosis. Applicable sectors are rural sewage, river water, food and beverage production wastewater treatment, among others.?

Product Features and Strengths

  •   Stable and Reliable Permeate Water Quality
      - TIPS fiber and its uniform spongy structure extended service life
      - Higher volumetric loading, efficient biochemical reaction, strong resistance to water quality fluctuations
      Low Capital/Operating Cost
      - Compact design cuts footprint
      - Longer maintenance cycle caps operating cost
     Easy Installation and Maintenance
      - One-step assembly and installation
      - Automated control without labor requirements
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