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Scinor Pressurized Series
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Scinor Customized Products

Customized Products
Scinor Customized Products

Aside from regular products, Scinor also provides customized products that tailored to specific demand. Customers are welcome to get involved in the design process, creating modules or equipment along with Scinor engineers that feature unusual appearance and dimensions but deliver greater ease of use.
Customized hollow fibers
Scinor presents TIPS hollow fiber of varied dimensions, which have high flux, superior strength, strong chemical tolerance and full recovery ability.
Customized modules
UF modules that suitable for different equipment are offered to satisfy personalized need.
Customized equipment
Integrated water treatment equipment for large, medium and small-scale projects will be readymade according to footprint requirements.

Drinking Water Equipment For Cuba:
Seawater-drinking water equipment
Feed water
Product water quality
Brackish-drinking water equipment
Feed water
Product water quality


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