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  • A leader in TIPS membranes, Scinor offers state-
    of-the-art ultrafiltration products featuring high
    flux, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance.
    Combined with non-detect removal of pathogens,
    Sincor ultrafiltration membranes ensure public
    safety and the lowest cost for each drop of
    filtered water.
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  • Scinor, the leader of TIPS membrane
    manufacturing, delivers both Submerged
    ultrafiltration & MBR products that provide
    benefits of low energy , low chemical
    consumption, and smaller footprint compared
    with others membranes on the market due to
    the TIPS advantage of high flux, low fouling,
    and higher mechanical
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  • Scinor, utilizing the technology of TIPS
    membranes, provides application solutions
    for industrial water and wastewater
    applications with its premium
    ultrafiltration products. More and more
    successful installations are proving that
    Scinor membranes provide the best overall
    value to our customers.
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  • Ultrafiltration, a key Reverse Osmosis
    pretreatment in seawater desalination,
    prevents biological and particle scaling on
    RO membranes which lowers overall system
    capital costs and operating costs. Scinor
    ultrafiltration utilizing the TIPS process
    ensures SDI less than 3 and turbedities less
    than 0.1 NTU no matter what the source water.
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