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ECOTATM™ Ultrafiltration Equipment for Pure Water

Using PVDF as fiber material and cutting-edge TIPS (thermally induced phase separation) process, the newly launched ECOTATM range, with proven stability and efficiency, is integrated modular equipment, adding another competitive alternative to water purification market. Built upon

Scinor’s best practices from over 100 installations that combined produce 1 million TPD water, it currently offers two capacity models—5,000 TPD and 10,000 TPD. ECOTATM can be adaptive to varied production demands and applicable to new projects, expansions, drinking water standard upgrading, and rural water quality improvement.

Products Features and Strengths

  •   Safe & Reliable Water Quality
      - Uniform spongy structure of TIPS fiber creates multiple filtering layers
      - Bacteria and virus removal recorded 6log and 3log separately, higher than the American standard
      - Highly recoverable flux, immune to water quality fluctuations
      Low Capital/Operating Cost
      - Footprint cut by 45%
      - Piping length shortened by 20%
      - Operating cost dropped 15%
      Easy Operation
      - Modular design makes installation easier
      - Support online integrity test and offline regular inspection
      - Modules have longer service life and lower maintenance requirements
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