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EasyIns® Integrated Desalting Equipment

EasyIns® is so far the most sophisticated integrated water treatment equipment using membrane method in China. The operation, completely automated, lies in ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis system, which are fitted in standard dimension container. It has small footprint and very transportable. The applications are broad, including seawater and brackish water desalination, and wastewater reclamation. The produced water serves desalted water and drinking water purposes.

Process flow: Raw Water—Pretreatment—Ultrafiltration—Reverse Osmosis—Desalted Water

  •   Highly integrated
      - Small Footprint
      - Cost-effcient
      Easy install
      - Locally mounted container
      - Simple connection
      - Automated operation and few maintenance requirements
     Stable permeate quality
      - TIPS ultrafiltration membranes in pretreatment
      - 99.5% desalting efficiency with double-membrane process
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