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Retrofit™ Series for Replacement

Scinor pressurized ultrafiltration products, made by PVDF fiber with state-of-the-art TIPS technology, owned excellent features of higher flux, mechanical strength, and chemical withstanding, the benefits of balanced air and water path, wider feed water quality due to outside-in configuration and specific ingredient of potting with double sealing technology in the each module, make sure stable and reliable operation at any extreme conditions, and ensure high recovery and low chemical consumption.

Outside-in configuration of Scinor Retrofit™ series Products to be available for each operating mode of dead-end, cross, and internal recycle flow results in less susceptible to plugging & fouling, which let system go into stable operating and less maintenance via just regular backwash and Chemical involved-in cleaning

Product Features and Advantages
Longer Operational Life
TIPS Capillary Fiber
Over 5 Mpa Prolong mechanical Strength
Double layer potting technology
Excellent Filtered Water Quality
Homogeneous sponge-like structure
Less Capillary Fiber Breakage
Less cleaning Frequency
Withstand 5,000 mg/L of Sodium Hypochlorite
Wider pH range from 1-13
Free Replacement
same size port and dimension with legacy modules
no change to any piping, electrical & control
custom-made solutions by professional team
Innovation on Hydrophilicity
Higher flux
Low requirement for pretreatment
Outside-In configuration
Optimum flow channel

Retrofit™ product series

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