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Submerged Ultrafiltration S Series

Submerged Ultrafiltration Introduction
Submerged Ultrafiltraion (another name is immersed ultrafiltration), is a transformed and innovative ultrafiltration application to be applied for sewage or medium polluted water at recent several years. In generally, submerged UF elements was hung on rack without housing to immerse into basin or tank, and then water contained solid and other high molecular weight matters pass through membrane, in where distribute a mass of 10-100nm pore, by a driving force of vacuum pressure or gravity pressure. Submerged Utrafiltration has proven that wider feed quality against pressurized type since with opening design structure.

Scinor devote to TIPS fiber innovation, and develop out submerged ultrafiltration product series (SMT-SMT 600 S series), with several years developing, Scinor S series products were used in wastewater recycling, cleaning water widely to be cited of its outstanding performance. Especially in footprint, Scinor ‘s advanced technology in structure design and high fiber packing density initiated new benefits against other competitors.

Technology Introduction
Scinor submerged ultrafiltration products, made by PVDF fiber with state-of-the-art TIPS technology, owned excellent features of higher flux, mechanical strength, and chemical withstanding. The proper engineering open structure benefits to low-fouling on fiber surface and wider turbidity for feed water. Scinor submerged Ultrafiltration with integrated air and hydraulic piping system obtained patented design, in which the biggest capacity per same footprint is highlighted compared with similar product at global market, minimize installation & Maintenance requirement & Cost.

Scinor SMT 600 series submerged ultrafiltration elements and modularized equipment are used to vacuum suction operation during filtering, in view of stable operation & solid build-up on fiber, backwash and aeration plus is regularly implemented out, meanwhile low frequency chemical involved to eliminate depth fouling is significant as well for performance restoring

Product Features and Advantages
Longer Operational Life
TIPS Capillary Fiber
Over 5 Mpa Prolong mechanical Strength
Double layer potting technology
Excellent Filtered Water Quality
Homogeneous sponge-like structure
Less Capillary Fiber Breakage
Less cleaning Frequency
Withstand 5,000 mg/L of Sodium Hypochlorite
Wider pH range from 1-13
open structure design claim lower pretreatment requirement
higher flux, higher recovery
energy-efficient via vacuum suction due to hydrophilic handling
compact unit
high fiber compacted density design
1,000 packed fiber surface per square footprint
easy installation
integrated air and hydraulic piping system
easy dismounting due to hanged rack design

Application Field
  • Potable water treatment: Coverage on advanced treatment of municipal drinking water, direct drinking water
  • Wastewater treatment: Coverage on municipal and industrial effluence for discharge and advanced treatment.
  • Desalination and recycling: coverage on water pretreatment for every industrial verticals.
  • Seawater desalination: Coverage on pretreatment for seawater and high salinity water
  • Other: Coverage on each industry, such as concentration or separation requirement in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Food and so on.

Submerged Ultrafiltration S Series

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