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Mem-Bio Reactor-BR Series

MBR Product Introduction
Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is the combination of a membrane process like microfiltration or ultrafiltration with a suspended growth bioreactor, and is now widely used for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. With longstanding application experience, MBR technology is able to enhance biological effectiveness of activated sludge through concentrating sludge and caused small footprint.

Scinor devote to TIPS fiber innovation, and develop out submerged ultrafiltration product series (SMT-SMT 600 S series), with several years developing, Scinor MBR-BR series products were used in wastewater treatment be cited of its outstanding performance. Especially in energy consumption and footprint

Technology Introduction
Scinor MBR products, made by reinforced PVDF Fiber with state-of-the-art TIPS technology, owned excellent features of higher flux, chemical withstanding, and enhanced mechanical strength especially. Through well-balance fiber distribution, and optimum engineering rack design for integration of air and hydraulic piping system, Scinor MBR benefits to low energy consumption, and 1/3 off footprint compared with other conventional MBR, and minimization of installation and maintenance.

Scinor SMT600 Series membrane Bio-reactor are used to intermittent vacuum suction to draw water from outside to in, in view of stable operation and sludge build-up on fiber, regular backwash and chemical intervened have to be carried out for fouling removal

Product Features and Advantages
Longer operational life
Reinforced TIPS Fiber benefits to higher mechanical strength
safety assurance via double layber potting technology
less sludge build-up due to well-arrayed fiber space
Excellent Filtered Water Quality
Homogeneous sponge-like structure
Less Capillary Fiber Breakage
Less cleaning Frequency
Withstand 5,000 mg/L of Sodium Hypochlorite
Wider pH range from 1-13
Less Footprint
Higher Flux, Less Modules use
larger to 450 m2 per square footprint than others
Cost efficient
Well balance aeration, lower energy comsuption
Good reversibility via less cleaning frequency
easy Installation
integrated air and hydraulic piping system
easy dismounting due to hanged rack design

Application Field
  • - Municipal wastewater treatment: Coverage on Retrofit™ or advanced treatment for conventional or new sewage plant, and water reuse.
  • - Industrial wastewater treatment: coverage on the wastewater treatment contained high concentration and persistent organic matters, and water reuse.
  • - Landfill leachate and special wastewater treatment

MBR-BR product series

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