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Membrane manufacture by advanced thermally induced phase separation

Scinor, the TIPS leader in a new age, breaks through the limitations of Non-solvent Induced phase separation(NIPS/DIPS) membrane products and redefines ultrafiltration performance with high mechanical strength, high chemical-tolerance, and the highest quality. All Scinor membranes utilize our TIPS process to bring the best value to our customers.

Thermally Induced Phase Separation Technology

At Scinor, we aim to develop and utilize top technology to serve market. One such innovation is our patented TIPS PVDF hollow fiber that was developed at Tsinghua Universitys renowned R&D center. These ultrafiltration membranes feature higher flux, homogeneous crystallized structure, high mechanical strength ( Low fiber breakage ratio), permanent hydrophilic characters, and are manufactured through a stable and continuously-controlled production line that guarantees high quality and outstanding performance.

Module and Modular Equipment

At Scinor, we have developed and integrated the most advanced module designs and manufacturing concepts to bring to market Pressurized and Submerged Ultrafiltraton modules, Membrane Bio-Reactor modules, and Modular Membrane Equipment. All of these products are built around our industry leading TIPS membranes.

Pressurized Ultrafiltration: Outside-In configuration with a balanced air and water path allows for a wider feed water quality and ensures stable and reliable operation at any extreme conditions and ensure high recovery and low chemical consumption.

Submerged Ultrafiltration: Open element design which allows for filtration of the worst feed water, especially on high turbidity waters. High fiber packing density within modules and unique array design of the modules on the Ultrafiltration system provides the lowest footprint. Moreover, simplified air and water piping minimizes installation and Maintenance requirement and costs.

MBR: The Scinor MBR combines ultrafiltration with conventional biological process for wastewater treatment. Specially designed fiber cluster in each cassette eliminate the tradition concern of sludge clogging and proper air and hydraulic distribution ensures cost-effective operation. Compact cassette, skid, and air and hydraulic design together reduce footprint significantly.

Green technology in membrane production

While our technology and business has grown quickly, Scinor also undertakes significant responsibility for environmental protection by commiting to zero discharge in our manufacturing processes.

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