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Scinor-TIPS Membranes for a New Age

Beijing Scinor Membrane Technology Co. Ltd., located at the Zhongguancun Science Park,Haidian District, is devoted to research , developing, sales and manufacture of membranes, modules, and modularized equipment . With research from Tsinghua University and three other patented technologies, Scinor was the first to establish a commercial process of TIPS PVDF Ultrafiltration fiber and modules. These membrane products exhibit high flux, high chemical tolerance, low energy consumption, and easy maintenance. Scinorí»s membrane products have helped many customers to purify their water in potable, wastewater, reuse, and seawater applications.

Scinor also has a strong focus on the environment and believes that with the right people and technology we can provide attractive customer solutions without harming the environment. This has led to cutting edge manufacturing processes that yield high quality products and has zero discharge ĘC a first of its kind in the industry. As a result we have built up a large installation base that uses Scinor modules and modularized equipment in the steel, chemical, power, municipal, and seawater desalination industries.

At Scinor, we believe in the value of our people and are completely Customer-Oriented. We focus on continuous innovation and insist on insist on employing talent people and excellent resources to drive our corporate business, outstanding quality and professional service which are the basis of our top brand. We continue to leverage our positive experiences in China to develop our global brand.

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